IDArb Conference in Geneva, Switzerland on 7 November 2017

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On 7 November 2017 the International Distribution Institute (IDI), the Swiss Chambers’Arbitration Institution (SCAI) and the Geneva Chamber of Commerce (CCIG) will present the IDArb project: a new initiative for facilitating the choice of arbitration in international disputes involving distribution, franchising and commercial agency contracts.

Companies deciding to submit international distribution–related disputes (including commercial agency and franchising agreements) to arbitration often face the problem of identifying arbitrators having a specific experience in that field. Moreover, in some cases, the amount of the financial claims at stake do not always seem high enough to justify the recourse to international arbitration.

The IDI, SCAI and CCIG have created a new tool to help companies facing these situations, by providing them with:

  • a list of arbitrators with specific experience in distribution;
  • a tailor-made expedited procedure recommended for international distribution-related disputes.

The conference in Geneva on 7 November 2017 is organised in order to present IDArb to attorneys at law and in-house counsels especially who are regularly drafting specific distribution contracts and managing distribution-related disputes.

The speakers at the conference will report on the partnership between IDI, SCAI and CCI and the joint dispute resolution services which are aimed at allowing a time and cost effective manner of resolving disputes in the field of international distribution. Dedicated arbitration clause, specific procedural rules and recommendations and a list of specialized arbitrators will be further topics on the programme.

Among the speakers will be Jaap van Till (Partner at Loyal) together with Prof. Jean-Paul Vulliéty (Partner at LaLive), Dr. Cesare Jermini (Vice-President of the SCAI Arbitration Court), mr. Stefano Catelani (Corporate Counsel Dupont de Nemours International SA), prof. Fabio Bortolotti (Partner at Buffa Bortolotti & Mathis), Mr. Igor San Juan (Legal Counsel Europe Swarovski (Europe) Holding B.V.), Mr. Vincent Subilia (President SCAI and General Deputy Director CCIG) and Mrs. Caroline Ming (Executive Director SCAI).

Date and venue: 7 November 2017, 16.15 – 20.00

Hotel Warwick,

14 rue de Lausanne

1201 Geneva, Switzerland