Arbitration procedures under the IDArb arbitration rules

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The Annual Conference 2021 of the International Distribution Institute (IDI) will be held in five online sessions from 11 May to 17 June 2021 and includes a session on arbitration.

The second session will involve a mock case study showing the opportunities for IDArb arbitration at the  and managing an arbitration procedure under the IDArb arbitration rules. The mock case will be supervised and supported by:

Jean-Paul Vulliety, Partner Lalive and Partners, Geneva

Frank Spoorenberg, Partner Tavernier Tschanz, Geneva

Caroline Ming, Executive Director Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution (SCAI), Geneva

Jaap van Till, Partner Loyal Lawyers, Amsterdam

IDArb has been developed by the International Distribution Institute in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Geneva (Chambre de commerce, d’industries et de services de Genève (CCIG) and the Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution (SCAI) .

The purpose of IDArb is to establish an expedited and cost-effective dispute resolution system, which may encourage companies to submit distribution disputes (e.g. commercial agency and distributorship contracts, franchising, etc.) in order to have their case resolved by an arbitrator with specific experience in distribution (who can be chosen within the IDArb list of arbitrators) and within a short period of time (six months).

The aim of the mock case session is to show the functioning of the IDArb expedited arbitration procedure through the discussion of a mock trial regarding a dispute under the rules developed by IDI for claims related to distribution-, commercial agency and franchise agreements. It will include a hearing and a preliminary assessment of the arbitrator who will be seleceted from the IDArb list of arbitrators.

The supervisors will guide the discussion of the teams and will ask the audience to comment during the various stages.The expert on the Swiss Rules will be available if problems arise on the interpretation of the Swiss rules, applicable to the dispute

Supplier and Distributors: if you want to find out about alternative methods of resolving disputes in international distribution, you are kindly invited to join this event on 20 May 2021.